Sunday, 12 December 2010

So you want to be a Goth? The Basics of Gothdom: The culture, the look, and the like.

So you want to be a Goth?
The Basics of Gothdom: The culture, the look and the like.
So you want to be a Goth? Well, monthly segment is for YOU! Well, my Baby Bats and Poseurs let's get started!

#1. Be yourself.

        The Golden Rule of Goth. If you try too much, you're a poser. Don't be afraid to turn down a old-school Goth band just because you think you will seem poseurish. Let me tell you a little secret: I don't like Sex Gang Children. To me, the singer sounds like if Zim from Invader Zim got a singing career. You don't need to have the most extravagant clothing, or the most elaborate make-up. Be who you want to be! Goth isn't a choice, it's a form of being yourself.

#2  Know your history.

  Common sense says: do your homework. Before you get into anything you have to find out its history, just in case you don't get into anything negative. Not saying that Goth is something negative, but check what you're getting into. Also, this is also so you don't seem like a stupid douche when people ask you where did Goth come from. 

3# Looks aren't everything.

    Yes, I've seen this case various times. A lot of "Goth" kids that focus too much time on finding the greatest clothes in Hot Topic, instead of focusing the most important thing: music and literature. You know, Goths don't ALWAYS wear black. Not every Goth wears clunky boots, belts or sexy, sexy pleather. Goths do sometimes get lazy or go somewhere that doesn't need all the get-up (Like the grocery store), you are not Lady Gaga, after all. If you decide to do it on your own, fine by me.

4# Don't be afraid of the Mainstream.

     I have a confession: I like Lady Gaga. In fact, I'm listening to her right now. Also, Daft Punk is awesome. La Roux is very nice. I like the Killers. I like Panic! At the Disco (Their first album, though). Don't repress your mainstream desires. It's sort of hiding who you are. Be yourself (Please see #1). Don't be embarrassed of shopping at Hot Topic. Also, a good note to poseurs: Good Charlotte, Evanescence, My Chemical Romance, Slipknot, and Linkin Park aren't Goth.

#5 "I do it 'cause it's the most Goth thing-" No.

    Self mutilation, suicide, or depression, are not needed to be Goth. Don't harm yourself because you'll seem more "Goth". No. This is no different from a girl going through bulimia because she thinks that will make her "pretty". If you are harming yourself, are suicidal, or going through depression, I suggest you go to a psychologist.You need help, and I hope you get better.

#6 Humour yourself.

    Don't get butthurt each time you see a parody of Goth people. Read the Encyclopedia Dramatica article (WARNING: NSFW). And you know what? SPAM TEIM!

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