Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Goth gadget #1: Skull Kitchen Brush

I love Marshalls. They sell such fabulous things! And one day I was randomly browsing and came upon this! I found this brush so charming that of course I had to impulse buy it. This actually motivated me to do the dishes. And clean the kitchen. And the house. c:

This is the package it comes in.

Sunday, 17 April 2011

Adventures in San Juan: The Goth Club

One day some long time ago, I was talking with my mother about a trip to Europe. We planned to go to England, France and Germany so we could go to Wave Gotik Treffen (We never got to do this, BTW). Of course, what's the first thing my 15-year-old self does?  I search for the local Goth clubs. And as I was searching in this website, I scrolled down to see that there was a GOTH CLUB IN THE OLD SAN JUAN. Of course, I start spazzing like an ADD-ridden child on cocaine, and I beg my mum to take me there, even if I had to use a fake ID (Which was a very contradicting thing for me to do, as I was/am a goody-goody who did not drink, smoke or party under age, unlike some kids I've met). Mummy obviously says no, but I tell her that at least we should look for it so I would know where it was and see it. According to the website the club opened every Saturday at 10:00 p.m., and it was located in Calle Cristo in front of the Hotel Convento. We start our search, searching high and low, left and right, frontwards and backwards; and yet, no club. My mother and I give up, and I say: 
"Pft, a Goth Club in Puerto Rico is like a Sushi Restaurant under the sea."

Then, I go back to the page. What details could I have missed? Is this web page lying? Did I misread anything? And then, I realized I have committed one of my biggest fails that sent my face directly into my palm:

The page has not been updated ever since 2006.

EDIT: So there IS a Goth club in Puerto Rico! ...Or Goth parties, to be exact. Two people have informed me of this place called Soprano's (The name ♥) in Cataño that has Goth parties every Saturday. ALSO,the girl working at the tattoo parlour next to my house informed me that San Juan has occasional Goth parties as well.

Friday, 15 April 2011

Goth Beauty: Nails!

Goth nails, oh Goth nails~! How beautiful you are!
Who knew a little black polish could get you so far?
Goth nails, oh Goth nails, how pretty art thou.
Vampire of Rose, I must go to now.

I had just found out of this wonderful Japanese website called Vampire of Rose! They make the most beautiful nails I have ever seen! They sell their nails at Alamode Market (a crafts store favoured by many Gothic Lolitas in Japan). Sadly, according what I have researched, they don't ship outside Japan. BUT! You can go to their website right here (I suggest using Google translate) and maybe get inspired and make some nails of your own. >:}
Of course, you can automatically Goth yourself up with just plain black nail polish.

It doesn't even have to be these expensive brands, you can just go to the local drugstore and buy some Bettina!
 Some people say that a Goth shouldn't even DARE to walk out with chipped nails, but some have worked it.
Emilie Autumn, back in her early Opheliac days...
Ah, now I want to go to the pharmacy and buy some cheap fake nails to decorate them as I please...