Sunday, 17 April 2011

Adventures in San Juan: The Goth Club

One day some long time ago, I was talking with my mother about a trip to Europe. We planned to go to England, France and Germany so we could go to Wave Gotik Treffen (We never got to do this, BTW). Of course, what's the first thing my 15-year-old self does?  I search for the local Goth clubs. And as I was searching in this website, I scrolled down to see that there was a GOTH CLUB IN THE OLD SAN JUAN. Of course, I start spazzing like an ADD-ridden child on cocaine, and I beg my mum to take me there, even if I had to use a fake ID (Which was a very contradicting thing for me to do, as I was/am a goody-goody who did not drink, smoke or party under age, unlike some kids I've met). Mummy obviously says no, but I tell her that at least we should look for it so I would know where it was and see it. According to the website the club opened every Saturday at 10:00 p.m., and it was located in Calle Cristo in front of the Hotel Convento. We start our search, searching high and low, left and right, frontwards and backwards; and yet, no club. My mother and I give up, and I say: 
"Pft, a Goth Club in Puerto Rico is like a Sushi Restaurant under the sea."

Then, I go back to the page. What details could I have missed? Is this web page lying? Did I misread anything? And then, I realized I have committed one of my biggest fails that sent my face directly into my palm:

The page has not been updated ever since 2006.

EDIT: So there IS a Goth club in Puerto Rico! ...Or Goth parties, to be exact. Two people have informed me of this place called Soprano's (The name ♥) in Cataño that has Goth parties every Saturday. ALSO,the girl working at the tattoo parlour next to my house informed me that San Juan has occasional Goth parties as well.


  1. :-/ How annoying and frustrating. I live in England where there is a larger club scene, but the clubs near me don't keep their webpages updated so I never know what's actually going on...

    On a random note, can I ask where I can find the track on your music player that's a version of Emilie Autumn's Liar with male backing vocals? I've never heard it before and I think it's awesome.

  2. I've nominated you for a Versatile Blogger Award ^^

  3. Oh my goodness! Thank you! ^_^

    P.S. That version of "Liar" is called "Liar (Manic Depressive Mix)" by Emilie Autumn and ASP. You can find it easily on Youtube.

  4. Apparently looking deeper there is a website in their but it links directly to their myspace page that hasn't been updated since Nov 2010 about four days before their big "7th year anniversary." I was always hoping to take a vacation to Puerto Rico one day (I live in NJ) and check out the Goth scene there, but sadly it seems to be undead at the current time.

  5. Sadly, the Goth scene is not very big here. Most of the kids that call themselves "Goth" here hang out at the mall, listen to Linkin Park and have never heard of Bauhaus. You also get strange looks and mocked if you dress Goth. Not to mention the negative stereotypes, etc. But that's why this blog is here! To educate people and to share with fellow Goths! :D

  6. Parties are almost every month by Radio Clandestina:

    The Djs are great, the music is great, "el ambiente lo hace uno" (which in my case has turned great after all these years).

    Of course there are many other people trying to make other alternative events in San Juan
    Here's a visual recap of a party NOT held by RC


  7. Iv never met one real goth in pr all Iv seen are nerdy children that don't fit in so they ware black act up like a 2 year old with a tantrum and call themselves goth. Fuckin disrespectful to real Goths. Dam disgrace