Friday, 15 April 2011

Goth Beauty: Nails!

Goth nails, oh Goth nails~! How beautiful you are!
Who knew a little black polish could get you so far?
Goth nails, oh Goth nails, how pretty art thou.
Vampire of Rose, I must go to now.

I had just found out of this wonderful Japanese website called Vampire of Rose! They make the most beautiful nails I have ever seen! They sell their nails at Alamode Market (a crafts store favoured by many Gothic Lolitas in Japan). Sadly, according what I have researched, they don't ship outside Japan. BUT! You can go to their website right here (I suggest using Google translate) and maybe get inspired and make some nails of your own. >:}
Of course, you can automatically Goth yourself up with just plain black nail polish.

It doesn't even have to be these expensive brands, you can just go to the local drugstore and buy some Bettina!
 Some people say that a Goth shouldn't even DARE to walk out with chipped nails, but some have worked it.
Emilie Autumn, back in her early Opheliac days...
Ah, now I want to go to the pharmacy and buy some cheap fake nails to decorate them as I please...


  1. Just found your blog through tumblr, they are both amazing! :D xx

  2. I just found this blog, and I think I love you a little bit! <3 Awesome blog, please keep up the great work!