Thursday, 16 August 2012

Aw shit you guys.

As we all know, human beings are not perfect. Even I, the great Andi Sí, fuck up some times. I will be completely honest with you guys:
I started this blog with the purpose that soon I could become cool known for all Puerto Rico: the magnificent Andi, Goth Blogger. However, this is a very foolish thought. Why the fuck was I thinking that? Silly Leo me~! 

This is a stupid reason to start a blog. NEVER EVER DO THAT. OH GOD. NO. I was feeding off views and comments, but when those did not come, I felt less motivated. Then I didn't know what to write. Then I did it when I felt like it, and eventually, I even forgot I had this blog.

So here I am, starting from square one. I will no longer make this blog for others, but for me. You will just so happen to find yourself upon this blog, laugh and agree to the stuff I say, viewing me behind the glass of your computer screen while I, the fish inside the tank, go on with my business.  I evaded political references, cursing, and religion: things that have influenced my life very much. I wish I could talk about about how shitty the government over here is, how angry I feel towards the sexist comments I receive regularly, or just simply my ramblings, short stories, poems and many other things. Stuff that people make me shut up for, or are not suited for tumblr, facebook, or twitter. I want my voice to be written down, so my sorrows, my frustrations, my joys and my fangirling can be noted. I hope you guys understand.

So here, enjoy what is the Life of A Puerto Rican Goth (the real one).

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  1. It is never a good idea to write blog just because you want to be popular/internet famous, etc. Things just don´t work out that way because it´s not...well, let´s say "natural" for lack of better word :D

    Since I´d stopped to care about attention and comments and what will people think I have actually more comments and followers than ever before ^_^

    Good luck with your blog ^_^