Thursday, 16 August 2012

Now, returning to blogging: Towa Tei, and why you should listen to him.

Towa Tei. What is you. Seriously. What is you.

In case you don't know who this badass mofo is, he was one of the guys from Dee-Lite. In case you don't know who Dee-Lite is, you might remember this tune:

If you've never heard this tune, God have mercy on your soul. 

However, like many people do in bands, Towa Tei left Dee-Lite because he got sick or somethingbutWHOCARESASDFGHJK HIS SOLO MUSIC IS AMAZING. 

His music ranges from soulful R&B, to experimental Electronica, Poppish sounds, to wtf. He contributed with amazing artists like Kylie Minogue, and his DJ skills are unbeatable. You seriously have to listen to this dude. If you don't, your mum will die. 

Seriously, there are few artists whose work are as varied as his, it's like you're listening a different artist with each song. His style is innovative and fresh and omg why aren't you listening to him yet. 

Towa Tei is boss, yo. Peace.

Songs you have to listen:
The Burning Plain
Wordy (WARNING: The video is very wtf)
GBI (German Bold Italic)
Time After Time

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  1. Oh. My. G.d.
    This is soooo batcave.
    I'll worship him from now on.
    Thank you so much for sharing this. :-)