Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Opinions of things that have happened a long time ago: Damien (Previously known as "Jessi Slaughter")

Once upon a time, there was a boy that once posted a quite controversial video:

...And his name used to be Jessi Slaughter.

At first I absolutely hated this Jessi Slaughter. Her attitude was the most despicable thing I had ever witnessed. She made me so angry and proved to me how our youth was decaying. Questions like "What urged her to say such obscenities?" and "Where were her parents?" ran through my mind as I looked through more of her videos. I later found out she falsely accused two men of rape, and my fury grew even more. I'd never thought such pretentiousness, obscenities, and unpleasantness would come out of a mere 11-year-old girl. I became frustrated with the world. "Why would the Universe give us things like this?" I'd think to myself. Later on, I researched on the internet more about this distasteful girl. I just had to know what caused this.

The results were disheartening. Jessi was in a terrible situation at the time, and the worst had just to come when this video was posted. She was living in an abusive home with drug-addicted parents, and she barely had any friends in school. Her parents would beat her, and basically destroy her emotionally and mentally. The only sanctuary she had within herself was through this persona that (badly) imitated the Scene Queens of MySpace. She wanted to feel known, loved, and appreciated like those girls. She thought they were beautiful, fierce and confident. If she couldn't find that attention at home or at school, she could find it on the internet.

I know this, because I identify with the feeling.

Back when I was a bullied child, I felt lonely and under-appreciated. My parents were never abusive, quite the contrary, but I yearned for the attention and praise from my peers. Since I couldn't receive that, I went to the internet. I made a profile on Deviant Art, and with false confidence I'd write: "Hello Deviant Art! Your Most talented 11-year-old is here!" I would post some traced work, shitty fan-art with nonsensical concepts, my Mary-Sue OC, etc... I was an annoying little shit who always apologized for her drawing because I didn't take "Anime Classes" (pfft), I evaded constructive criticism, I would put on a false mask of confidence and pretended I was the last Coca-Cola of the desert. It was a dark period for me. However, I pulled out and changed my attitude before I could face the merciless wrath of the internet, unlike Jessi.

If one could describe what Jessi faced, "hell" would be least .

Famed 4chan trolls saw her videos and started trolling her videos, send hate messages, death threats, call her phone number, stalk her, etc... Everything was escalating out of control. It all resulted into this video of her having a breakdown:

Of course, the video became hilarious for those who absolutely despised her, which was most of the internet.  Her father became a meme, and her breakdown was taken as a joke. However, this was a prelude to the further chaos she was going to face.

Besides her parents being abusive animals towards her, she held a relationship with a much older man, has gotten pregnant and aborted, attempted suicide multiple times, has gone to mental institutions, has had her nude pictures leaked on the internet, and has jumped from foster home to foster home. Her father has died, and her mother is as emotionally abusive as ever. Jessi's life spiralled downward, and a lot of it was fuelled by the horrid mistreatment coming from the internet.

Jessi even filmed an apology:

Jessi later realised who was her true self: Damien. A boy.  I believe that Damien has realised most of his mistakes, and regrets it. I think he is trying leave it all behind. Yes, I think he has done some stupid shit in the past, including the false rape accusation, which is completely unforgivable. Hell, I even hear he's still doing stupid shit like falsely calling himself "goth" and other things. However, I think we should leave this kid alone and go on with our lives. He has already gone through enough, let the poor kid be.

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